• Melissa Timberlake

Slow Me Down, God

Updated: May 12, 2019

Calm my spirit. Quiet my thoughts. Still my heart.

Slow me down.

Steady this hurried, frantic pace that

continually distracts me from soulfully connecting

with others,

with myself,

and with


Slow me down, God.

I'm pausing to hear your voice.

To feel your presence.

I'm letting go so that I can finally

hold on to


Slow me down.

Slow me down, God.

Break any addiction I have to busyness,

to adrenaline,

to avoidance

and to racing.

Soothe my tensions.

Bring peace to my chaos.

Breathe your Spirit deep into my doubting.

Slow me down.

And in the slowing,

let me bask

in the comfort

of being

more fully held, seen,




by YOU.


-Melissa Timberlake

About Melissa

As a Keynote speaker, Melissa incorporates her coaching philosophies into her speaking topics, motivating her audiences to stretch their capacities and change their perspectives.


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