• Melissa Timberlake

The Perfect Silence

Updated: May 12, 2019

Moonlight dances in darkness Shimmering through the windows of my soul While the gentle brush of angel wings, reminds me I’m not alone

My body stirs from slumber, a longing rises in my bones To know you To be known by you That’s what this vigil holds

For you are The Perfect Silence You are this Holy Hush, You are My Sacred Within, The Great Divine Indwellling

Aware of the magnitude and mystery of Your abundant love... spontaneous, tender-hearted tears well up and fall, baptizing me even deeper into your presence

So I listen to you, Perfect Silence, calling me, stirring me, moving me, nudging me to lean in even further for your gentle, generous kiss

And although no words are spoken Or needed. Or prayed Your peace blankets my cluttered mind, my worries, fears and stress

My spirit has no doubt that You are here I know I’m not alone With you, I’m fully seen and held

And in your presence, I simply sit in stillness In quiet I light a candle And listen... listen...listen to this pregnant pause which births forth overflowing possibility, connection and clarity, sweetness of communion, joy and healing

I receive you, holding tight to your love as I hear you whisper, “Be still and know..”

Yes, you are The Perfect Silence You are God We are one All is well

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As a Keynote speaker, Melissa incorporates her coaching philosophies into her speaking topics, motivating her audiences to stretch their capacities and change their perspectives.


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