• Melissa Timberlake

You're So Much More

Updated: May 12, 2019

I know life tries to break you. Crush your soul, make you play small. Tries to rob you of your brilliance. Keep you from being your all. And I know sometimes you’re aching-- that you’re weary and afraid.

But keep on. Be strong. Stand tall.

When the shadows overpower, and the days don’t seem to end. When all those raging voices, start playing with your head.

When loneliness has gripped you, and dark nights terrorize your soul. When a hundred million heartbreaks come crashing down, beyond control.

When you think you just can’t bear it. And you feel you might break. On those days you seem invisible, or like a big mistake.

Keep on. Be strong. Stand tall.

Cause today’s a new beginning. This is not your story’s close. You are stronger than you think you are. See how your courage grows. For you are more. Yes, you’re so much more than you know.

You are more than a daughter. You’re a fighter. You’re a friend. You are funny. You are clever. You are thunder. You are rain. You are contagious laughter. You’re moonbeams high above. You are daffodils in Springtime. You’re unicorns. And fairy dust. You are kindness. And compassion. You’re tea time with lemonade. You are tough and you are sassy. You are grace that never fades. You’re a princess. You’re a warrior. WIth you, there is no end.

Cause you are more. Yes, you’re so much more than you know. So keep on. Be strong. Stand tall.

I know you’ll fight, love. Take back your life. You’re so much more.

--Melissa Timberlake

About Melissa

As a Keynote speaker, Melissa incorporates her coaching philosophies into her speaking topics, motivating her audiences to stretch their capacities and change their perspectives.


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